Danelle Izzajaye Dungca

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Danelle Izzajaye Dungca is the creative director of ONE.10 Collection. A collection that reflects her design aesthetics – modern and wearable silhouettes. Her bespoke designs have understated elegance with a hint of avant-garde. Danelle’s design philosophy is to transcend trends and seasons – a lifetime of wearability. Her vision is deeply rooted from classicism and grace from her mother. “I remember being inspired by the beauty of my mother’s love of clothes” says Danelle, “and what it would like to create wonderful designs for me and other women.” Hence, the end result is tasteful and pleasingly full of attitude.

Danelle maintains a full service fashion studio in the New York and New Jersey area, where she entertains private clients by appointment for her bespoke designs. She also creates a limited-run pieces for men and women with her contemporary collection.


1 thought on “About”

  1. Karibel Perez said:

    Good Morning,

    I would love to work with you and wear one of your gowns to my national pageant. Please contact with with your information your work is stunning.




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